Here we have listed some overview information regarding activities, entertainment, dining, and shopping in the Gatlinburg area. Be sure to find an official “Gatlinburg Vacation Guide” for more detailed information. Most retail stores, restaurants, and information kiosks will have them, OR you can visit Gatlinburg’s website and download the Vacation Guide as a pdf file.

PLEASE NOTE: Gatlinburg is open and ready for guests since the fires of November 2016. There is rebuilding going on, but for the most part, downtown Gatlinburg is perfectly fine. Mountain strong!

Most of the items listed below have a link embedded, so if you are interested in visiting their website for more information, just click on the link.

Here is a wonderful video which gives you a glimpse of the area around Little Wing.  There are so many talented artisans along this 8 mile loop.  Have a look!





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