We were very busy on our first trip to the cabin!  Besides the normal deep cleaning and maintenance/repairs of small things, we tackled staining the front porch and stairs.  Here are some before and after pictures.

We also were fortunate enough to purchase a piece of Kelly Madsen’s chainsaw/wood art.  She is a phenomenal artists who works with Paulownia wood and a chain saw to create realistic statues of wildlife and nature.  Our statue features two bear cubs who we have named “Banks” and “Santo” after two of my Mom’s favorite Chicago Cubs players.  They grace an area in the living room now and are totally “housebroken”!  Check out Kelly’s Wood Art at Kelly’s Wood Art

Here are the “twins”…

Another addition at the cabin is a new hot tub.  The hot tub will comfortably seat 4-5 people, has a blue granite look shell with mahogany colored cabinet.  Here is a slideshow of our delivery day.

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My brother, Bruce, who is a very talented wood craftsman, made two pair of duck decoys for us.  A Mallard drake and hen sit on the mantel in the living room and a pair of green winged teal add an outdoor touch to the upstairs lofted bedroom.  Thanks Bro!


Also in these pictures you can see the new fireplace doors that Bruce and Juergen installed.  The old fireplace screen was kaput, so we decided to go with something that would also help with energy efficiency.  Our chimney sweep suggested this and he helped with the selection (thanks Steve Williams of Black Bear Chimney Sweeps!).  It has two sets of doors, one outer glass and one mesh.  The glass doors stay open when the fireplace is in use.  We think it is a great improvement in the living room.

FIREPLACE UPDATE! This visit (spring 2017), we have replaced the woodburning function of the fireplace to an electric version. This is not only more environmental friendly, but safeguards against fire and smoke damage to the cabin. We are impressed with its quality.

All for now, so stay tuned for more updates and information on Little Wing!

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